Rules of Dicipline

  1. Panchsheel College of Education is purely a minority Institution. As such no student should resort to political groupism.
  2. If a student comes to the College 30 minutes late, he/she will not be allowed into the class room.
  3. Student must prepared for all project records instructed by the College. Otherwise they will not allowed to attend the Classes.
  4. Students should maintain punctuality, regularity and perfect silence in the class room. They should be no complaint from any lecture about the conduct and behavior of the students.
  5. Students are not permitted to bunk classes during instructional hours. If they have any emergency, they must approach either the principal or correspondent and submit representation to that effect.
  6. A disciplinary committee is constituted in accordance with the guidelines of the University. Even a small incident of misconduct is dealt with immediate and appropriate action initiated against the erring individual.
  7. This being a co-education Minority College, any boy teasing a girl will be expelled from the College. Frequent moments of boys and girls together are discouraged.
  8. The students are required to maintain silence in the class room. They should not stand in the corridors or knock the doors of the classes by which others are disturbed.
  9. The principal has complete powers and authority for the maintenance of discipline in the college. The Principal may impose fine, suspend or expel a student from the college in case of indiscipline or violent in behavior gross insubordination and violation of college rules and regulation.
  10. The Principal may stop or cancel scholarship or any financial aid to a student on the grounds of irregularity or indiscipline or indecent behavior.
  11. Bringing outsiders into the college premises without obtaining prior permission from the principal is viewed very seriously.
  12. Students should not bring cell phone, mobile to the college premises. It is strictly prohibited.
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